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Keith Harrell

As a 16 year law enforcement veteran, Keith has experienced much in Miami; however it’s his life prior to becoming a police officer which molded his craft of an entrepreneur. In 1988 while in college (Miami Dade Community College) Keith noticed that there was a lack of positive role models in the black community. Young men and boys were increasingly joining gangs, getting involved in drug related activity and being incarcerated. Several of Keith’s high school classmates were murdered and countless others were locked up because of the lure of fast money, fast women and fancy cars. In November of that same year Keith along with Gentral Porter founded the non-profit organization BIG TIME BOYS, Inc (BTB). BIG TIME BOYS is an acronym for Black Individuals Giving Time Investing Money & Effort to Better Our Young Society. BTB was a service organization that focused on developing pride, self awareness and self esteem among Miami’s inner-city youths.

In 1992, BTB applied for and was granted its own TV show on WLRN Cable Tap Network. Keith says “Once I was introduced to the inner workings of television production I was able to write, produce, direct, and host BTB’s show “Speak On It” a 30 minute tape show and “Speak On It Live” an hour long live call in show.” Ten years later, Keith became a board member for the African American Performance Arts Community Theatre (AAPACT). AAPACT is a theatre company that provides the Greater Miami-Dade Community with the highest quality of theatrical awareness, education, and performance experience through dramatic art participation. During his tenure as board member he saw a need for exposure for minority actors, directors, writers, and other professionals in the stage and film industry in SoFlo.

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