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About us

Casting Couch GOLD

In 2004, the Casting Couch was introduced as a live Sunday night event that showcased national and international talent. Although the show was geared toward individuals established in the performing arts community, Casting Couch has evolved to be a show about the hidden talents in South Florida (SoFlo). From those who desired to perform; spoken word, reading scripts, and excerpts from books or narrations nothing was out of bounds.


In 2012 the idea of the Casting Couch was revisited with vigor. Slightly tweaked The Casting Couch TV Show focused primarily on the entertainment industry as it pertains to SoFlo. Shot in beautiful Miami, this show is designed to give hidden talent in South Florida exposure. Although, the main premise is focused on entertainment the show will discuss social issues that affect our Miami society. What makes the Casting Couch unique is that this show is fully interactive and social media driven. The Casting Couch is scheduled to air the summer of 2013 on ION Network.

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